Thursday, 14 February 2019

Trying poet

A poet, trying to get busy, Writing my head around ideas, The best, science project, The untold science, in storylines, Guess what,! it is not easy, But relaxing at the same time. Trying to figure out, ...this new book, this chapter, Like trying to figure out a girl you believe is the one, But like a understand? Right! Inspiration is always paramount, Support is the best foundation. I have written no pages yet, but the drama is dramatic It's not really, real ... never is at first, A book of this much lines, ...and latter, this much critiques, Experiments, and hypotheses to prove, ...prove the drama in fate, I feel great, I get to decide,... I alone can create this world, end it at will, Enough with, science, or ... I never mentioned chemistry,... I think romance is the word... This is not connected to equations,... I know less to be certain, at times,... mostly the end scenes....and sins along, in the middle pages, The only difference, is am confused, and about to confuse you, Read along, this story from science, not in science books, but in fiction. I will publish this, certainly,... that Assured. Looking forward to reading it to you.

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