Thursday, 14 February 2019

lessons that made me

what my father tought me, learn to be older in a young body, to think otherwise even if nobody believes in me, to stand by my decision and judgement, to own up to my failures thereafter. think of a reason that make me silently right. I am an engineer now.... atleast in the making, i design stuff, i think, i tolerate, with degree of freedom, i consider problems even when they are not yet there. I never knew what my father left me, i had to discover it it was not material nor tangible nor expensive, but they're the lessons i dwell on now, the lessons that make me bold. i always wondered, why he would get angered with little issues, yet, made no big deal of my frequent serious faults. i really could't make it out!, he gave me a name, when i was old enough, "Muhanguzi" ...meaning victor, whenever i thought i could't make, i would hear his voice saying it out loud, i became strong again, to win, to survive, to make it, to think smart, amid mockery. i am a man "parented" by memories, ful of self-owned cracks with a blank page to write and recite, with a future to forge, atleast to perfection. In memory of my Father Edward Kwatotyo Kareireho. By Muhanguzi Tobias Newman, Follow me on twitter @mary_dovika

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