Thursday, 14 February 2019

Mother like Her

DECEMBER 26, 2015 · PUBLIC 3 Reads The heart of a flower
like a Mutoro woman, tender and slender, and finely sized beautiful and sweet voice-toned just beautiful, leaves me in love, leaves green lights, like "go" leaves my strength challenged, but my heart happy she is who i opt to marry the soft hearted, the queen of Toro soft hearted like a flower bleeding joy with bright petals such keeps bees visiting, such keeps men throwing sweets at her... The sweet-nothings i mean, all, to impress her, to convince her, or at least her smile, but she smiles only for me. Oh, her fine slit in her teeth, her teeth like coffee blossom very promising, her skin well baked, finely toned like a pot of gold, precious. Though pretty like silver. Brighter in "Omushanana" irresistible like my mother's pot food. By. Muhanguzi Tobias Newman In memory of my mother Tumwiine MaryDovika (RIP)

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