Thursday, 14 February 2019

Mama:: Tobias Newman

On such days, on these days, everyday, everymorning, i miss you, i regret, i never had sense to tell you this, i still see your form, as i become, this man of a Gentleman, with you i would have been more exciting, without you it's like young wine, i miss you, like i even have a choice not to, i can't wish you here, but wish you eternal peace, i can't promise you i will stop thinking of you, because i can't. Many are the memories we had, but lived short, i have grown to be strong, i wanted to let you know, am even a poet, just to let you know, am much more, with no doubt i draw my talents from you, only if, only if... Iam because of your endeavours, your labour, gone but still in my heart. By Muhanguzi Tobias Newman Happy Mother's Day twitter@mary_dovika

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