Sunday, 7 February 2021

The Soldier, I Am

A soldier is a strong Man, fearless, he has a gun,
he is trained to kill,...the enemy,
because, if it's not him, we are all doomed,
you can sleep well, but me, am not,
I stay up, on the "night watch"-on L.P,
During day am on O.P,
Don't bother to know, LP, and OP in Full,
you will find arch of will confuse you the more,
Anyway, am always, up, so as you can enjoy your life, it's a sacrifice I made,
I vowed to protect this nation, am a patriot,
I don't expect a non patriot, to understand,
I have done things, unbelievable,
I have trained hard to be perfect,
All I think about is my son's future, and my daughter's,
If it's not me, I don't know who it can be,
I am a professional Soldier, I breath, respect, for people and humanity,
I respect my leaders, my seniors, and fellow rank mates,
I do all, not in anticipation of riches,
This is my Job,
I chose to defend my country's territorial integrity and sovereignty.
I am a UPDF Soldier, am an Engineer, am a professional Soldier,
For God and my country.
PTE Engr Muhanguzi Tobias Newman

Thursday, 14 February 2019

lessons that made me

what my father tought me, learn to be older in a young body, to think otherwise even if nobody believes in me, to stand by my decision and judgement, to own up to my failures thereafter. think of a reason that make me silently right. I am an engineer now.... atleast in the making, i design stuff, i think, i tolerate, with degree of freedom, i consider problems even when they are not yet there. I never knew what my father left me, i had to discover it it was not material nor tangible nor expensive, but they're the lessons i dwell on now, the lessons that make me bold. i always wondered, why he would get angered with little issues, yet, made no big deal of my frequent serious faults. i really could't make it out!, he gave me a name, when i was old enough, "Muhanguzi" ...meaning victor, whenever i thought i could't make, i would hear his voice saying it out loud, i became strong again, to win, to survive, to make it, to think smart, amid mockery. i am a man "parented" by memories, ful of self-owned cracks with a blank page to write and recite, with a future to forge, atleast to perfection. In memory of my Father Edward Kwatotyo Kareireho. By Muhanguzi Tobias Newman, Follow me on twitter @mary_dovika

Little children

Little :: Children our little ones little minds little dreams little worries little thoughts little anger little patience little frames(bodies) little bit fragile like a petal and as colourful, makes a home, little everything, but, a big brighter future, uncertain. Poetry by Muhanguzi Tobias Newman. Twitter @mary_dovika

Mama:: Tobias Newman

On such days, on these days, everyday, everymorning, i miss you, i regret, i never had sense to tell you this, i still see your form, as i become, this man of a Gentleman, with you i would have been more exciting, without you it's like young wine, i miss you, like i even have a choice not to, i can't wish you here, but wish you eternal peace, i can't promise you i will stop thinking of you, because i can't. Many are the memories we had, but lived short, i have grown to be strong, i wanted to let you know, am even a poet, just to let you know, am much more, with no doubt i draw my talents from you, only if, only if... Iam because of your endeavours, your labour, gone but still in my heart. By Muhanguzi Tobias Newman Happy Mother's Day twitter@mary_dovika

Bold character

<charset=stubborn> <body> i represent persistence, i represent impatience, for greatness. Am humbled by all chances i get am blest with the right people i meet am disciplined by the right argument, i survive everyday, i dream everyday, i work my way out, i own my dreams, i keep only the pages worth to keep, i am simply, simple like a ripple, i make an impact. I paint the future, with the paint i have, and what i can get. </body>

Naturally flow; Ateso women

Ateso women
A woman of character a woman i love one like my mother a blessing to every man, such, a good wife to feed my pride a good woman to be my bride a good partner for life. Hardworking like no other, African woman, African queen, African mother(s). Like the herbs that heal the herbs bitter, but worth it, bold women, but their love sweet, bitter-sweet, beer they make, the "Marwa" they make, one of their duties...make it for their husbands but it revenges on them...the wrath of their drunkard husbands, they soil their bodies, but remain beautiful, they do all work the men are not lazy, but kings they're men of culture. By MuhanguziTobias @mary_dovika


Providence::fate APRIL 22, 2016 · PUBLIC 65 Reads I have this life, to change what i can, to play by the rules i can't change, to become what destiny wants me to, to die by my fate thereafter, i keep peace, i observe all laws, i keep the spirit of oneness. Almighty have mercy on me, bless the work of my hands By Muhanguzi Tobias Newman @mary_dovika

Mother like Her

DECEMBER 26, 2015 · PUBLIC 3 Reads The heart of a flower
like a Mutoro woman, tender and slender, and finely sized beautiful and sweet voice-toned just beautiful, leaves me in love, leaves green lights, like "go" leaves my strength challenged, but my heart happy she is who i opt to marry the soft hearted, the queen of Toro soft hearted like a flower bleeding joy with bright petals such keeps bees visiting, such keeps men throwing sweets at her... The sweet-nothings i mean, all, to impress her, to convince her, or at least her smile, but she smiles only for me. Oh, her fine slit in her teeth, her teeth like coffee blossom very promising, her skin well baked, finely toned like a pot of gold, precious. Though pretty like silver. Brighter in "Omushanana" irresistible like my mother's pot food. By. Muhanguzi Tobias Newman In memory of my mother Tumwiine MaryDovika (RIP)

Romantic Poetry

Am climbing your heart, to the castle, to the treasure you hold in your chest
no wonder, chased by many, tell me it's me you love, you know me, likewise i do. lucky to fall for you, just enough to know you're fine,
blessed to have you. believe me, like you never doubt your heart-beat, breath me in like oxygen, like you have no choice, love me, forever. if it's not you, then i choose to remain single, single among these shingles, like sand on beaches
like stars with fading lights. You're brightest, irreplaceable, lovable. By MuhanguziTobias twitter@mary_dovika

Little ones, so innocent

::Little ones, so innocent:: AUGUST 18, 2016 · FRIENDS The innocent little ones, the little flowers on the dining table, or be in the compound grass. bright eyes, clear mind, playful, jolly. they cry, for something, or less nothing. ignorant, with no worries, no stress, as if, they even care. stubborn, they're. little things make them happy, say, content by little-meaningless-useless, or so the cheapest, they don't care about the price, do they!, they never do. like their world, but with a wide future a fate uncertain. The morrow will shape them in time with time, the child of a pauper, the child with a silver spoon.

Trying poet

A poet, trying to get busy, Writing my head around ideas, The best, science project, The untold science, in storylines, Guess what,! it is not easy, But relaxing at the same time. Trying to figure out, ...this new book, this chapter, Like trying to figure out a girl you believe is the one, But like a understand? Right! Inspiration is always paramount, Support is the best foundation. I have written no pages yet, but the drama is dramatic It's not really, real ... never is at first, A book of this much lines, ...and latter, this much critiques, Experiments, and hypotheses to prove, ...prove the drama in fate, I feel great, I get to decide,... I alone can create this world, end it at will, Enough with, science, or ... I never mentioned chemistry,... I think romance is the word... This is not connected to equations,... I know less to be certain, at times,... mostly the end scenes....and sins along, in the middle pages, The only difference, is am confused, and about to confuse you, Read along, this story from science, not in science books, but in fiction. I will publish this, certainly,... that Assured. Looking forward to reading it to you.

The Soldier, I Am

A soldier is a strong Man, fearless, he has a gun, he is trained to kill,...the enemy, because, if it's not him, we are all doomed, you ...